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Johnny Otto is an award-winning Filmmaker, Artist and Animator living and working in the Los Angeles area since 1990. He grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada, where he went to Film School and eventually taught the film lab. His awards are from Klasky-Csupo and Animation Magazine. He optioned his first screenplay to Joel Silver when he was 26.

After moving to Los Angeles, he optioned his first script to Joel Silver and began his journey as a Writer. He went on to write and direct two feature films, many shorts and music videos. He also produces several animated series including "Zombies, Whatever", Sean the Worm" and "Family Time Travel". Johnny has also written for LEFT BANK MAGAZINE an arts publication based out of Brooklyn where he interviewed Artists such as BLIKE ME, PETER MARS, WRDSMTH and many others.


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Julia Annabel Siedenburg is a writer, director and producer and overall lover of anything that you can call art. She was born and raised in a small town near Bremen, Germany. At a young age, movies were more than entertainment for her, she wondered and researched how the were produced, made, and who worked on them behind the scenes. Blooper reels and Making-of’s were a must.

So far, she had the opportunity to intern and work for companies such as Bold Films (Nightcrawler, Whipsplash) and the DeLaurentiis Company (Blue Velvet, Hannibal) at Universal Studios. She also PA’d on various projects, the most well known being the transformers Spin-off Bumblebee. On the side, she shoots and writes her own projects and is finishing up her Masters Degree at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Her short film ‘Sam’ was selected for several film festivals this year and her psychological thriller “Hide and Seek” as well as her artist documentary “B Like Me” will hit the festival circuit the end of this year and throughout 2021.


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Laura Siebold is a writer, travel expert, and amateur photographer who lives in Los Angeles. Born in a small village close to Cologne, Germany, Laura craved to experience the vibrancy and diversity of city life at a young age. In her youth, she consumed countless novels, often deep into the night, switching the light back one after her parents had gone to bed. Writing her own stories, and poems, she found a creative outlet for her thoughts and ideas. From age 7, inspired by her grandfather’s unwavering interest in technology and her dad’s interest in photography and architecture, Laura started experimenting with different cameras, documenting family trips throughout Europe.

During her literary and cultural graduate studies, she took the chance to learn more about photography and photographic expression while attending courses at a design school. Besides her love for literature and American writers, Laura’s passion for traveling never ceased. Inspired by the 2000’s TV show “O.C. California” and stories about her parent’s road trip through the American West the year before she was born, Laura first traveled to California in 2013. She fell deeply in love with the country, its diversity, and golden sunsets, and found a way to make Los Angeles her home. Laura has been working as a full-time travel expert in Los Angeles since 2016, exploring the city, coastal highways, and national parks of the American West with her camera. She documents her journey as an expat and shares poetry on her blog “Lost and Found in LA – A narrative on daily life in Los Angeles and beyond”.


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