Artist Interviews 2021

Lucas Rome/Mr.Morgellons  
By Johnny Otto


There's a lot that I want to talk to you about but first I'd love to know why you moved from Vegas to Florida. Do I have that right? Why the move? What inspired it and how are the art scenes and culture different?

As an artist I feel it is important to move around viewing art in different destinations and city's. It gives me a variety of perspectives, seeing multiple styles being produced. I have spent time in L.A, San Diego, Las Vegas, Tampa, Miami and now currently reside in Panama City Beach, Florida. Leaving Las Vegas was a good thing for me. I feel humans were not meant to live in the desert. I have many reasons for leaving, one being I dreamed of living near the beach agian, is a big one. Alot of things are happening in the world today as far as the government and it's agenda goes. Vaccines and mandates are not for me.. I feel I should have a choice on what goes in my body. Las Vegas tightened the noose on the goverments current agenda, New World Order, and politricks. Thanks to the governor of Florida, DeSantis, we can still live free, despite the opposite occuring in other states, city's, and country's. Another reason for relocation was that everything was open, and free, no restrictions. I can showcase art without wearing a face diaper, muzzle, mask.


I first met you at Jeff Hamilton's Street Art Fair many moons ago and I was instantly captivated by your use of color and the themes of your work. What do you call your style and where do you find the inspiration for your work?

I would say my art has a style all it's own, and a street feel represented by the mixed media of air brush, spray paint, and paint markers. Galleries would label my art as Urban Contemporary. I call it conscious awakening art, squeegee your 3rd eye. My artwork possesses an element that provokes your thought processes, and encourages the mind to Think beyond it's borders, or rather illuminate truth through the creation. I find inspiration revealing the truth about whats really transpiring in this crazy world we live in. I use symbolism, numerology and the occult to convey the message in the paintings. The government's deception, fast food, poisons, depopulation agendas all mixed up to deliver you the message. Jeff Hamilton is a friend of mine and a tremendous talent. I do on occasion have my artwork featured in his shows. The art fair being one of them.


You're the first Artist that I've ever heard of who has his own Hot Sauce!? What is that all about? Why? How? And what is it called? How do we buy it? Will I ______ my pants? How hot is it?

I love hot sauce so I decided to create my own line to bring more attention to my artwork my artwork. It's called Mr. Morgellon's Hot Sauce, I have 3 flavors, "Adrenochrome" is real hot Habenero and Garlic. "Soylent Green" is Serrano pepper with garlic and a hint of lime. "Agent Orange", is a fruit blend of pineapple, mango and habenero peppers. It will be available on my website


In addition to the launch of the Hot Sauce, you also launched your first collection of NFTs, is that right? Why did you decide to do that and what is the collection all about?

My NFT's Collection consists of 6 NFTS based on a painting I created called "Spike N Rona Plandemic". You can read more information about the characters, and their roles in my bio. I think they would make for a great cartoon as well, being that each character is original and tells a fascinating a story.


Are you planning on taking your Spike and Rona characters and animating them? Maybe for an Adult Swim type of show? Is animation something that interests you?

In continuance, Spike N Rona would make a fantastic cartoon, but not positive that the mainstream narrative would support it, for the controversy surrounding the concept. The characters stand for truth and lift the veil of the power at hand which is a conflict of interest for the dark government that would certainly impose censorship on the artwork. I am not connected with any animators or anyone in that industry, but would be able to develop these personalities in a cartoon friendly narrative. If look closely, you should recognize that Spike is in a phallic shape similar to what Disney hides in their cartoons. We'll see what the future holds on the animation aspect of things. Until then I will continue to create new original characters.


Are you doing Art Basel Miami this year? Any experiences that you want to share regarding that?

I will be attending Miami Art Basel 2022 next year, and will be making numerous character appearances as "Mr. Morgellon's along with showcasing my artwork in the galleries of Wynwood Art District. Also, I immensely enjoy exhibiting at conventions; AlienCon 👽 in particular is my favorite, which I plan on attending next year.


Any shows coming up in Los Angeles or in Florida or elsewhere?

I currently have a couple paintings in progress, as well as an Art installation called Mr. Morgellon's Land. Mr. Morgellon's Land is a twisted walk through reality of Mr. Morgellons mind where you can physically interact with the installation like an amusement park ride full of twists, turns and theatrics. I will be returning back to Hollywood, California to be featured in major art gallerys such as: AC Gallery of Beverly Hills, and others to be announced, so Stay Tuned....


Who would you most love to collaborate with? It doesn't have to be another painter? Maybe a musician or filmmaker or other artist or a brand that you can see yourself exploiting?

I have a few favorite creatives that I would highly collaborate with, One being, John Carpenter with his movie, "They Live". I can relate to that movie because it conveys the goverment is compromised and through mind control keeping the population asleep. The main character has glasses that shows the world in the way it truly is. Knowing this he fights to free humanity, which is how I use my artwork....A conduit to free humanity.


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