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SAM / Written, Directed and Produced by Julia Siedenburg

Are you a boy or a girl? You can't just fluctuant between the two.

LOOP / Sci-Fi Short Film about Artificial Intelligence / Written and Directed by Stuart Langfield

While the romanticism of creating artificial intelligence in man’s image is hardly new science fiction territory, Stuart Langfield’s LOOP is a gripping reimagination that weaponizes love. What can only be described as a Shakespearean AI love story akin to Ex Machina, LOOP is a slick atmospheric and story-driven production that probes the emotional capacity of an AI woman. Beautifully shot with subtle visual effects, Langfield draws from personal experience and the arts to create a film that looks and feels like the masterpiece its character strives for.

WILD | Disturbing Dutch Horror Short Film / Written & Directed by Jan Verdijk

Clear, blue skies, a tranquil holiday rental, luscious landscapes soaked in warm sunshine. Not exactly the setting you’d expect for a scary film, but director Jan Verdijk couldn’t care less, as he coaxes his audience into a false sense of serenity, before plunging them into a descent from paradise to hell. Blending the supernatural with an allegory of domestic violence and a side helping of morbid humour, 11-minute horror WILD demands complete sensual and cerebral surrender to its unconventional narrative. In return, it serves up a deliciously bone-chilling atmosphere and a finale that sinks its claws so deep into the skin it’s hard to shake off. You might also think twice next time you want to book a holiday in the middle of nowhere…

Meet Jimmy | Horror Short Film about a Deadly Podcast / Directed by David-Jan Bronsgeest / Written and Produced by Tim Koomen

Over the years, we’ve seen technology play an important role in the Horror narrative. For a long time, the telephone was a go-to “source of terror”, before we moved on to unmarked VHS tapes, iPads and more recently Zoom calls. Out to disprove that filmmakers have struggled to figure out how to make technology a threat again, David-Jan Bronsgeest’s seven-minute short Meet Jimmy sets the podcast as its harbinger of doom – and it’s surprisingly effective.

Burnt Grass | Sci-Fi Short Film about Cloning / Directed by Ray Wong

Initially grabbing our attention when it screened as part of Toronto International Film Festival’s online coverage (the festival put a selection of shorts on Vimeo for a limited period), Ray Wong’s subtle-slice of sci-fi Burnt Grass has stuck with us ever since that first viewing. Part relationship drama, part clone-centred science-fiction narrative existing in an identifiable universe, Burnt Grass feels like it falls into the recently coined ‘low-fi sci-fi’ genre – shunning special FX in favour of a strong premise and a thrilling narrative.

F*ck | Comedy Short Film about Intimacy and Parenting / Directed by Danny Morgan

Having kids changes everything. Whether it’s the new responsibilities, the tiredness or the hundred and one other things you have to do, the one thing that feels irrevocably altered is your sex life. Gone are the days of wild, spontaneous sex and in their place are carefully-planned, often-interrupted sessions of exhausted humping. Capturing this, and many other elements of parenting, in it’s brief 10-minute run-time, Danny Morgan’s F*ck is a modern love-story, stripped bare of the polished sheen you expect from a romantic tale and replaced with an authentic haze that many will find relatable.

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Trailer - Feminist Theory and How it Relates to the Patriarchal Dividend / Directed by Katie Oliver / Produced by Heather Brawley and Matt Morillo

After Esperanza spends a rough weekend dealing with creeps in her slightly-behind-the-times hometown, she and her girlfriend Cameron attempt to enjoy a peaceful night out in their new progressive home of Los Angeles. But it seems the creeps are everywhere...

Trailer - Loving Lenna / Written, Directed by and Starring Kirstie Muñoz / Produced by Heather Brawley

Inspired by the simultaneous pain and beauty in life, Loving Lenna addresses loneliness, the need to connect, love lost and love found. Told through the unique combination of flashbacks, voicemails, and original poetry, Loving Lenna is the story of a woman’s journey through heartbreak to self-love.

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