Artist Interviews 2021

By Julia Siedenburg

Carão is a brazilian street and tattoo artist. I found his page randomly and was immediately interested in his work. The sense of detail, the colors, the faces. Everything seemed inviting and simply full of emotion.

What also stood out to me was that in contrast to his colorful murals, most of his tattoos seemed to have a pattern of being black and white.

The feeling that I got from looking at his work was that I wanted to find out where these images and inspiration came from. What makes him paint that way? If you are as curious as I was, then please keep reading.

How would you describe your style and work?

My art and rereading of images, my focus is not on conveying the realism of the image, but the emotion it conveys, through the sparkle of the eyes or the joy that shines.

Is there a certain message that you are trying to convey with your work?

The message would be the representation of the black people, my people!... to show beauty, joy and strength, to take to the streets is a representation that is not seen in Brazil, we are the majority but we are not protagonists if not in music or football  , and with my art, I can take my people to places we might never have been able to.

What does it make you feel to make art? Is it a necessity for you? An outlet?

I've been doing graffiti for 21 years, since 2000 and this month I turned 40 years old, I have more years of life as a street artist than as a non-artist citizen, art is my life and my lifestyle, through art I  I met nice people, places I never thought I would ever go, art for me and everything!

What motivates you?

What motivates me is to see black people happy to see graffiti panels on the streets..

Who are some of your idols that you look up to?

My idols are the Brazilian football player SOCRATES who played CORINTHIANS in the team of my heart here in Brazil, and also in the Brazilian football team in the 80s, SOCRATES, in addition to being one of the great Brazilian athletes, had a very firm political stance and  coherent in a time of military dictatorship in Brazil ... other Brazilian rapper idols such as RACIONAIS MCS and GOG, and ZUMBI DOS PALMARES who was a former slave who fought for freedom.

Please describe your process.

Process is simple, I just need spray paint and a wall and voila!

If you could collaborate with someone, who would it be and why?

I wouldn't have one person in particular, maybe my art on the cover of the album of the band “NAÇÃO ZUMBI” or the classic samba artist “MARTINHO DA VILA, it would be to my satisfaction as an artist.

What would you do if you weren’t an artist?

I don't know what I would do if it weren't for art in my life, I've been drawing since I was a kid and it's always been something that was part of my day and through skateboarding I got to know hip-hop and graffiti and since then I haven't left this world.

Do you think you are born as an artist or you find your way to it and train yourself to be one?

It was step by step, I've always liked drawing since I was very young, and when I started making graffiti in 2000 I haven't stopped since then.

In which way do you think art is important for society? How would the world be without art?

Art and food for the soul!

Has there been a favorite art event or show that you were a part of?

Painted at a graffiti event in Venezuela in 2015 and it's also an event that takes place in a favela in Rio de Janeiro “MEETING OF FAVELA”.

Where would you like to see your art be showcased?

I want to paint in Africa.

What is next for you? Any plans for the future?

As the pandemic has not yet passed here in Brazil, and is killing a lot of people, my focus now is to take care of myself, take care of the family... I am now starting a solo expo that will last 2 months.

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